A Little About 'Me'

I'm just a Mum with a vision for my little families future.  An interest of mine that has just kept growing as I get more educated on the 'world we live in'.  I am not perfect.  I'm not some cool crazy hippie lady living completely off the grid or in the middle of a rainforest, nor do I currently lead a complete chemical free, toxin free, environmentally friendly lifestyle.  I am however very interested in a lifestyle free from dangerous chemicals in my home and on my body and I also am very interested in helping out the environment as much as I can.  These things are a movement that I am personally striving towards!! One step at a time!! And most importantly educating my littles about it - they are the future :)

I think it is very important we all have access to these types of products and hopefully with the creation of 'Zed Aesthetics' online shop, I can help you turn your humble abode into a safer environment for you & your littles too.  While also contributing to a better world :)

As for my certified treatments, they are something I was excited to explore & offer to people to help gain back any form of confidence they require to feel beautiful.  An opportunity I couldn't pass up!!  Plus I enjoy doing it so it's a WIN WIN!!  Between either a treatment or some amazing products to make you feel the goods - we've got you covered!!!  I am passionate about helping people get the results they want and I plan on also achieving this with natural & organic products where possible.  

I have selected a delicate range of different natural, raw & organic products for your at home beauty needs, your health & wellbeing (inside & out), your home and other ethical product choices that will help out our Mother Earth or are better for one & other.  As a loving Mumma bear of now three little treasures (pregnancy photo below needs an update with the newest little dude), I have chosen products to satisfy the WHOLE FAMILY.  There really is something for everyone here!!!  

Besides my amazing products I offer I am SO excited to be able to offer some incredible treatments (particularly the Plasma Lift - check it out).  I will continue to update my skills and gain further training in other areas to provide a true holistic treatment journey for my clients.  So watch this space and be a part of its growth!!

I can't wait to make you feel beautiful both inside & out!!!  Replenishing the body, mind & soul <3

Big Love X



A special note for my customers & clients: If there is anything specific you would like to see stocked that will suit my shops current vibe and ethics, OR if there are any products you would like that my current suppliers have but I am not currently stocking then please feel free to flick me a friendly e-mail.  I will try my best to source it for you or if the demand is there, or I believe the supplier you want me to work with is very fitting then it may become an ongoing part of my stock! Either way, I will see what I can do if I believe it is a match!