Plasma Lift "Soft Surgery"

What is a Plasma Lift?

Also being referred to as 'soft surgery' due to the non invasiveness of the treatment and delivering similar results to surgery but with minimal down time and at a more affordable cost.  Fibroblast Plasma lift is the fastest growing technique in Anti-Ageing history!!!  Everybody is talking about this new procedure that is highly effective and a remarkable treatment. 

The treatment is performed through minute dots made from the Plasma Fibroblast device at a certain distance from the skin to stimulate instant contraction and tightening of skin fibres.  Results can be seen immediately but continue to improve up to 6 - 8 weeks.  The plasma hand piece produces at the tip a tiny Plasma blitz!  This lightning flashes from the tip of the hand piece to the skin where it evaporates, creating a superficial micro millimetre spot.  This superficial dot minimises the skin to tighten.  More points are strategically introduced and generate a reduction grid.  These points reduce the excess skin to tighten.  The probe doesn't touch the skin, it creates tiny carbon dots which look like freckles and fall off around 4-7 (sometimes up to 10) days leaving the skin tight and lines softened.

How long does it last?

Like all surgical and cosmetic procedures, this treatment is not entirely permanent as it can not stop any further ageing.  The results can last years (generally 2-5) and as long as they would with invasive surgery.  Things that can effect how long your results will last are as follows:

  • The area that is treated - for example muscle related wrinkles such as your forehead may not last as long as treating an upper eyelid due to the repetitive movements of the muscle.
  • Your lifestyle - such as diet, smoking, alcohol consumption and prolonged sun exposure can all decrease how long the treatment will last.
  • Your race & genetics can also play part in the length of time it lasts.\How well you follow your after care instructions.  

However, treatment can be repeated at any time - minimum 8 weeks apart for same area.

How many treatments will I need?

Generally 1 treatment is enough.  Depending on the clients expectations, skin type and severity of wrinkles of the area being treated then an additional 1-2 treatments may be necessary.  This will be discussed during each individuals consultation.  If any follow up treatments are required for the same area then this will be at a discounted rate.  

Any follow up treatments on the same area have to be a minimum of 8 weeks apart.  This is to allow the skin to go through its regenerative process and fully heal.  

What do I have to do when the treatment is complete?

Your AFTERCARE is extremely important - the most important part of the entire treatment.  What you do when you leave will impact on the results dramatically if you do not adhere to your aftercare instructions.  Your technician will go over the aftercare with you during your consultation and again on your treatment day.  You will also be provided with both pre treatment, after care information and instructions as well as the aftercare products required and how to use them.  

Some of the main things you need to avoid following the treatment are as follows:

  • Avoid direct sunlight while healing.  Once scabs fall off a new pink skin will be present which MUST be protected with a high UV protection for at least 3 months - if you do not then your chances of hyperpigmentation increase dramatically.  
  • Keep the area dry for the first 72 hours.  If it gets wet lightly pat dry.
  • No picking or scratching - the small scabs/crusts must fall off naturally otherwise picking & scratching them off may cause scarring.
  • No make up or creams while scabs are still present 
  • Swimming, sports & saunas are to be avoided completely until scabs have fallen off.  

What do I need to be aware of during and after the treatment?

  • Redness & mild swelling is very normal and can be quite significant around the eyes if having treatment there.  
  • Occasional weeping may occur but this will settle.
  • A sunburn/burning/tingling sensation - but this will also reduce.
  • The carbon dots on your treated area will dry and turn to small crusts/scabs.  These MUST heal naturally and will fall off by themselves in approx. 4- 7 days (some times up to roughly 10 days) 
  • If having treatment around the mouth and have had a coldsore before then Herpes simplex (coldsores) may arise in that area following the treatment.

Is it safe?

Plasma Lift is extremely safe and very little can or does go wrong!!!  The following things listed have been reported on rare occasions:

  • Intolerance/reaction to the topical anesthetic used.
  • Wound infections/Wound healing disorders (scarring - very rare)
  • Pigment disorder (hyperpigmentation) 

Does it hurt?

Everyone's pain threshold is different.  Most clients just describe some discomfort throughout the treatment.  Only a topical anaesthetic is required and is applied on the area approx. 45 minutes before treatment begins.  

How long does it take?

From start to finish approx 70 - 90 minutes is required for a standard treatment area - that is inclusive of the 45 minute wait for the topical anesthetic to be effective.  Depending on the severity of the wrinkles etc it may take less or longer.  This is a general guide only.  

Are there any contraindications that may effect whether or not I am eligible for treatment?

Yes there are.  This will be gone over in more depth during your consultation with your technician as to whether treatment will be carried out.  Some things include:

  • Insulin dependant diabetic - due to slow healing (doctors clearance)
  • Pacemaker or other electrical implants (doctors clearance)
  • Eczema (can't do if present on area)
  • Herpes Simplex - Coldsore (can't do if present on area)
  • Haemophilia (doctors clearance) 
  • Infectious diseases 
  • Keloid Scarring 
  • Cancer (Oncologist clearance)
  • Epilepsy (needs to be controlled & need doctors clearance)

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