Bella Bronze Tans

bella bronze professional spray tan

Professional Spray Tanning - Only $25

Look like a Mediterranean Goddess after you have a beautiful Bella Bronze Spray Tan! Choose from a Violet base 'Dark chocolate bronze' or a Coffee & Caramel base 'Medium Dark Mocha' Tan.

A Bella Bronze spray tan is 100% vegan and made with natural organic ingredients. You will be happy to know that Bella Bronze spray tans are never tested on our furry friends and they contain no parabens or fragrances.

Your skin will love you!

This tan can be washed off within as little time as 1hr! The perfect 'MUM TAN'.  For darker results keep on for longer (2 - 4 hours). Can be worn overnight.  These tans are long lasting and fade off evenly - the perfect ultra dark natural tans!!!  

This service is currently provided in Blackwater, Queensland only.

Book or enquire about your Bella Bronze Tan NOW for that next special occasion!

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If you don't have time to book a tan or can't get an appointment for when required then shop our 'Bella Bronze DIY Tan Mousse's here.